Dundee Hills Resort Terms and Conditions – Last Updated Feb. 1, 2023


If you have questions, prefer to make your reservation via phone, are looking for a group reservation of 3 or more spots, or to make changes to your reservation, please call 503-899-5326 or email info@dundeehillsresort.com. We will be happy to make a reservation and answer all questions.


The nightly rate includes electric (30/50 amp), water, sewer, and wifi at your site. It also includes access to the shared shower and laundry facilities. The Oregon lodging tax of 1.5% is added to the fee.

All reservations have a one-night minimum deposit. If the reservation is made within 72 hours, full payment will be required. Cards will be charged at the time the confirmed reservation is made.

The remaining balance will be required 72 hours before the arrival date.

Minimum and maximum night stay:

A 1-night minimum stay is required. Currently, the maximum stay we accept is a week (7 days/6 nights) reservation. For extended stays (1 to 4 weeks) please contact us. This is subject to change.


All site rates are based on one RV per site, including up to 4 persons and up to 2 pets. Guests under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

RV/Van requirements:

All RVs and touring vans must be 2013 or newer (Airstream preferred) to enter our park. The park manager can make exceptions if your RV is older and well-kept. Picture(s) will be requested before reservations. No tent camping allowed. (All guests must sleep inside RV).


Check-In Time: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM

As noted above, check-in is available until 8 pm. Guests who do not check-in or contact the office at 503-899-5326 or  info@dundeehillsresort.com for their reservation by 8 pm the evening of their scheduled arrival date will be considered a cancel/no-show and charged one night’s rate (or the entire reservation) to the credit card on file. As a cancel/no show for any remaining days/nights on your reservation will also be canceled. There is no credit available at this time.

Please call at least 3 hours in advance if you plan to arrive past 8 pm on the evening of your scheduled arrival date, so your reservation is not marked as a canceled reservation.

All RV guests must register at the park office. No more than one vehicle (in addition to the RV) is permitted per rental site. Additional parking is available in common areas.

Cancellation Policy:

As we understand, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have to cancel or shorten your visit. To avoid a 1 night fee, we must have 72-hours notice before your visit to cancel your reservation. If you do not show up for your reservation, a one night fee will be charged to the card on file. Please call 503-899-5326 or email info@dundeehillsresort.com with us with any questions or to cancel your reservation.

Resort Amenities:

Each RV spot has a concrete picnic area, power (50A, 30A), water, waste/sewer disposal, and wifi. Common buildings with bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities are available. A Community Center is available.  The hours of operation will be posted.

RV Spots/Cabins:

No clothing lines, inflatables, or tents, are allowed on site. A neat and orderly appearance is required at all RV spaces. No storing of materials, including but not limited to appliances under, outside, or around the RV, and no free-standing propane tanks. If you have a question regarding any other items, please ask.

Quiet Hours:

Please be respectful of all guests. Quiet hours are from 10 PM – 7 AM. If disruptive during quiet hours, you may be asked to leave. Excessive noise during normal hours is unacceptable, and you will receive a warning and then be asked to leave.  If you are asked to leave, you forfeit all monies.


Two animals are allowed per site. Visitors may not bring a pet into common areas unless it is a certified service animal. All owners are responsible for damage caused by an animal, with no exceptions. There is a designated dog walk area.

Dogs must be leashed at all times. A leash cannot be more than 6 feet long and is always kept under physical control. Retractable leashes are not preferred. Dogs, including service and emotional support animals, MUST NOT be left unattended during their stay with us. No barking or aggressive animal behavior disrupting other guests.

All animal waste must be immediately cleaned up and disposed of in the waste enclosures provided, not inside restrooms, laundry facilities, or clubhouse. All pets must be fully vaccinated.

Smoking Policy:

No smoking of ANY KIND in or within 10 feet of buildings, restrooms, showers, laundry, cottages, or clubhouse. All trash, debris, and litter, including cigarette butts, must be cleaned up and disposed of in the proper canister. No trash can be left outside of the RV at any time. All trash must be bagged before depositing into trash enclosures. No hazardous waste materials may be deposited anywhere on the site.


The speed limit within the park is 5 MPH. No person shall operate a motor vehicle off roads or outside parking areas. All persons operating any motor vehicle within the park must have a valid driver’s license and current insurance.


No person shall discharge a firearm, bow and arrow, slingshot, fireworks, or other weapons within the resort. (This will result in an immediate ban from the resort.)

Fire pits/BBQ:

No person shall start or operate a fire within the park except within park camp stoves or fireplaces provided by the park for such purposes. No glass, cans, garbage, fireworks, or household items will be thrown into a fire.


No person shall dispose of waste not generated by park use, including household, commercial or industrial waste or refuse, within waste containers in the park area. Waste cannot be left outside of the cabins or RV doors.

Recreational Vehicles:

No skateboards, scooters, in-line stakes, rollerblades, or hoverboards are allowed in community areas. Only bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles are permitted as transportation for entering or exiting the park.


Under no circumstances should a person/persons/animal cause damage to buildings, bathrooms, laundry facilities, RV pads, or landscaping within the resort. Damages include but are not limited to waste, graffiti, and cigarette butts. If there is damage, there will be a minimum fee and you will no longer be allowed as a guest at the resort. The person named on the reservation will be responsible for any damage fees. For a list of fines and extra charges, please call us at 503-899-5926.


As we continue improving the beautiful property and adding facilities, please excuse the noise and dust at times. We will make every effort to be considerate during your stay.

During your stay, if you have any issues with the property or another guest, please give us a call or visit the clubhouse so that we can address them.